A cordial welcome to Betten Heller in Göttingen!

Betten Heller is the leading specialized bed shop in Göttingen and its surrounding area. We are an innovative family business with a successful history of 180 years.

It is our ambition that all of our customers spend restful nights in our beds, to ensure their days are spent with energy and joy. Therefore we value our customers’ individual wishes and needs above all else.

To best fulfill our customers’ desires, we continuously train our staff and dedicate all our expertise into pre-selecting our high-quality assortment.

Hence, we will provide you with individual, comprehensive and competent advice to enable you to make the right decision for yourself.

My team and I are looking forward to welcoming you in our shop!

Yours sincerely,
Susanne Heller

Our assortment of goods

We offer products for the bed- and bathroom such as:

Close to the city center, Geismar Landstraße 16

Just outside of the city center we have a subsidiary where we focus on bedframes, mattresses and slatted frames. We can offer our customers on-site parking here.

Betten Heller Geismer Landstr

Our services

„Furthermore, we offer our advisory service by appointment either in our store or at your home. Just book your appointment online – you’ll findthe “Beratung buchen”-buttom below.

Betten Heller Team 2021
Service Team

Some advice beforehand

Sizes differ from country to country. Here are the most important standard sizes in Germany. Of course we can order any other size differing from these:

Width:Single bed: 90, 100 and 140 cm
Double bed: 140, 180 or 200 cm
Length:200 cm
Single bed:135 x 200 cm or 155 x 220 cm
Double bed:200 x 200 cm or 220 x 200 cm

In case you are looking for something to fit your own furniture, it would be a great help, if you provided us with its exact measures to ensure that you get exactly the size you want and need.

Dimensions:80 x 80 cm or 40 x 80 cm